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ModiHub re-imagines the mobility device management, control and security with seamlessly easy-to-use solutions for anyone from 3-people startup to giant enterprises. Our solutions offers advanced security and enhanced user experience via administrator panel on the very own mobile device.

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ModiKiosk designed to transform an Android device into a mobile kiosk point. ModiKiosk restricts end-users to use only allowed applications or web pages and IT administrators easily operate the device via their own mobile device. This solution is easy-to-use and quick tool for creating dedicated purpose device.

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ModiBox enables the ability to restrict the applications that anyone can reach on the Android device. ModiBox maximises the productivity with allowing only dedicated purpose applications runs on the device. Plug & Play installation let IT administrators easily configure and mass deploy the settings to mobile devices.

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ModiMDM is the ultimate solution for all your Enterprise Mobility Management needs. ModiMDM easily tracks locations, broadcast messages and distributes software within minutes. ModiMDM technology can also provide telecom specific solution such as bundling the mobile device with accounted SIM card.

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ModiAMS designed for device manufacturers. ModiAMS creates new ways to interact with mobile devices such as remote help-desk and full device control management. ModiAMS deeply connects with hardware of mobile device and able to execute highly complicated features/operations at operating system level.

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Your Device Your Needs


ModiHUB platform solutions uses ModiVerse Engine to create specified applications and web control interface. Through the web or application interface administrator can define the features, working mode or roles of users. With seamless technology of ModiVerse Engine, devices can be traced or interacted with few clicks. Once the ModiVerse Engine starts working end-users will not be able to do any changes on device or undo any features that enabled by administrator.


ModiHUB is an enterprise grade software platform centre which enables verticalization based on business needs and use cases. Our platform turn Android devices into a piece of hardware to serve by any varieties and aid the owner the way they need.


ModiHUB offers extensive solutions to different kinds of vertical sectors. Even you work in retail or logistics, ModiVerse Engine products covers your needs.

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