ModiHUB transforms the customer experience in Retail

Retail companies always looks for better in-store customer experience and satisfaction of visitors. Companies budget spent mostly on marketing and improvement of in-store to satisfy customers at their visit. Stores are equipped with mobile devices are enabling improved customer experience and more productivity for employees.

ModiHUB solutions transforms the brick-and-mortar stores to improve their quality at in-store experience and be able to manage their devices without any worry on security issues.

Change the way you interact with your customers

Mobile devices interaction changes not only digital experience of visitors, also it changes the physical experience and create new ways to communicate with potential customers. ModiKiosk installed tablets will be the interactive kiosk points, website showcase or application locked screen.

ModiHUB solutions offers extensive usage of digital customer experience enhancement for especially omni-channel retailers. Security and remote management of mobile devices are seamlessly easy with ModiKiosk. Also store manager and employee's will be able to serve customers more efficiently with their tablets locked into any mode like run application-only or video-only modes.

Enhance learning capabilities in Education with mobility

New generation students are starting with classrooms equipped with mobile devices such as tablets and mobile devices. Digital content becomes the daily reality and a good place to boost learning curve of students in today's World.

Mobile devices associated with students must be secured from malware or illegal content, as well as controlled from being misused. ModiKiosk or ModiBox are the best solutions for digital transformation at schools and classes. ModiHub provides wide range of solutions for school authorities to ensure the needed security and customization for all mobile devices.

Manage the device with Easy Policy Control Center (EPCC)

ModiHub solutions are easy-to-use with Easy Policy Control and provides efficient way to keep the mobile devices as purposed device without being misused. Security and remote configuration of mobile devices are the top priorities for ModiHub solutions.

Create more value added services at Hospitality

Hospitality Industry is a great place to increase efficiency and provide the best customer experience with mobility. Tablets and kiosk points are great tools to contact with customers. ModiKiosk is a great opportunity for Hospitality companies to easily transform their Android mobile devices into kiosk points and offer extensive good sense of vacation with specialized digital content.

Great solution for Hotels and Resorts

Many Hotels and Resorts started using mobile devices in their facilities to increase the level of digital experience. Like opening rooms with mobile devices or interacting customers with digital screens are mainstream usage of technology in Hospitality.

Restaurants are the new frontier of digital transformation

Traditional restaurants shows their goods by paper and mostly without any clue for actual product to be served. With Y-generation and Millennial-generation starts to spend cash at outside; using mobility and technology become inevitable. ModiKiosk can easily transform your Android tablet into your digital menu to provide more visual concept of goods.

Using screens at the tables entertain customers while waiting for their meals or drinks. This entertainment lowers the negative reactions for waiting times and increase the quality of products with letting chefs have more time while prepare.

Another usage of mobile device is for employees who serves the goods to customers. They can easily get the order with device; there will be no need to bring info to chef manually because it will be pushed into kitchen screen automatically.

Cash-out with digital wallets will be the new standart at checkout process. With ModiKiosk restaurant owners can easily lock their own menu, order or check-out (or even 3 of them in the same time) application to the mobile devices and enhance the digital experience received.

ModiHub presents new ways of user experience for Entertainment audience

Entertainment evolved with improved technology and now mobile device are here to advance our view point towards entertain process. Museums, show and cinema theaters started to use mobile devices such as tablets to gather information about customers like registering emails or NPS surveys.

Amusement parks, malls and multiplexes are using big digital screens with internet connectivity. ModiKiosk can run only selected application on these devices with affordable monthly fee. Mass installation and securing all devices are easy-to-process with ModiKiosk.

Digital Signage and Media Entertainment

Amusement parks, malls and theaters uses tablets for getting orders or feedback from customers. Also kiosk points are the places of showcase for media about the place or advertisement point for customer interest for brands.